Business Agreements Types

If you are in business with a partner, Stephensons` experienced lawyers can help you establish a partnership agreement that will ensure you are legally insured in the event of a problem. A well-developed partnership agreement reflects the relationship and responsibilities between two or more partners. The enterprise agreement also sets the tone with regard to each partner`s individual commitments, capital contribution, profit/loss distribution, ownership shares and a partnership termination clause. If you`re starting to build your business, buying the equipment to compete in your market may not be an option. Then there is an oasis of property and equipment. These contracts define the terms of a lease of a building or equipment, including monthly payments, down payments, terms, maintenance contracts and other related assets. The federal government has strict criteria for determining whether a business relationship is an employer/employee or an independent contractor. If you have a relationship with someone to provide a particular service or to carry out a single project, you will likely need an independent contractor contract defining the terms of that project or service. And all the other metrics that seem relevant to your business.

A joint venture is a strategic association of two or more parties or companies that partner to share resources, whether it`s market scope, knowledge, or profits under a number of other things. If you have a product to sell, which seems like a pretty smart thing, if you`re in business, then you need a licensing agreement. A license agreement is an agreement that allows you to make money from your invention or creation by allowing someone else to use it. This type of agreement can serve and encircle conditions such as payment of conditions, restrictions on use, reproduction rights and exclusivity of products. This is a great way to monetize your intellectual property if you need someone else`s help. They are also called “transfer from a sole proprietorship to a limited liability transfer contract”. These are usually executed to transfer a business from a single owner to a business. Transfer contracts are extremely complex due to the ownership and separation of assets and liabilities. YCW prepares a series of documents and contracts for the construction industry. Documents range from model agreements, such as warranty guarantees and tenders, to more complex construction contracts such as the standard construction contract, designed for large projects when detailed provisions are needed.

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