Service Agreement With School

C. Teachers. Subject to the guidelines of the contract and the Academy Council, and from time to time after, the TRG recommends to the Academic Council the number of teachers as well as the grades and subjects necessary for the operation of the Academy. Then, the Academy Council determines the number and applicable levels and subjects of the Academy. The TRG provides the Academy with qualified teachers in the necessary grades and subjects, as required by the Academy`s Board of Directors and the contract. The curriculum taught by these teachers is that prescribed by the Academy and set by the contract. These teachers may, at the discretion of the FIT, work in whole or in part in the Academy, provided that, when teachers work part-time at the Academy, these salaries and teacher benefits are measured in the Academy`s budget. If these teachers are assigned part-time to the Academy, they may also work in other schools managed or managed by FIT. Any teacher assigned or retained to the Academy must be certified and “highly qualified” in accordance with the ncLB and have a valid teaching certificate issued by the State Ministry of Education in accordance with the code, and have undergone a background examination and registration and unfeasting behavior, in accordance with the teachers` code employed by the Academy.

F. Transition and cessation. After completing, TRG works for up to ninety (90) days if the Academy believes that the transition to a new educational service provider is necessary. The fee is equal to the compensation shown here. However, after the expiry of the period (i), TrG closes the accounts for the current business quarter; (ii) to organize and prepare the School`s registrations for the transition to the new PES or school; (iii) to organize and prepare student files for the transition to the new PES or school; and (iv) the orderly transfer of workers` allowances and benefits to the new ESP or school, without interruption of staff. i. Finance. For example: `Developing Salary Plans` – Choosing Benefit Packages – Determining Retirement Options – Budgeting and Financial Forecasts – Account Management – Accounting – Administering all federal grants, Regional and Communal -Buy-Purchase – All other functions traditionally performed by the business office of a public school 5.3 According to paragraphs 5.1 and 5.2, a public notice on maintenance after the end of unscheduled maintenance is issued.