Scheduling Agreement With Delivery Order

img->SD->Sales->sales->Aception of delivery plans > 2. Enter the LK (standard) or LZ (external agent) delivery plan and delivery plan A is followed if the debitor places shipments against during the duration of the contract. As a result, no orders are assigned to them in the delivery plans. If the function is performed instead on the day a delivery is due, it is used to directly create a delivery. After the arrival of the delivery, the quantity in the delivery plan is reduced accordingly. You complete a delivery plan by setting deliveries in the delivery plan as soon as they expire. They process deliveries for a delivery plan in the same way as a normal delivery. After making the delivery, the system updates the quantity delivered in the delivery item with the quantity delivered. 1. Select the Ext distribution from the menu.

Scheduling Agreement ->Create. The cumulative quantities on the left side of the delivery plan are based on all supply markets for the delivery plan. Here are the elements of the EDI delivery plan: SchedulingAgreement/PurchasingAscheduling, SchedulingAgreement/MatlUsageIndicator, SchedulingAgreement/SalesItemProposalDescription, Artikel/Produkt/BuyerProductID, Item/PurchasingUnloadingPoint (If not sent, Party/BuyerPartyID (PartyType – `DepartResp`), Item/PurchasingReceivingPlant (If not sent, Party/BuyerPartyID (PartyType – `Plant`), Party/BuyerPartyID (PartyType – `provider`), Party/BuyerPartyID (PartyType Deliveries are automatically made from the delivery plan`s appointment list. Deliveries are made when the list of deliveries is made on the same date as the delivery classification is relevant. Before the delivery plan is updated and the market is established, the sales delivery plan must first be determined. I will present the logic of determining the delivery plan. To enter additional data into the delivery plan, select DlvSch.Hdr (header of the delivery date). The items used to determine the sales delivery plan. The type of document for the delivery plan without exit documentation is LP and with LPA output documentation. VL10BATCH is nothing more than a background supply list. LZMA Item Category for LZM Delivery Type Check an item in the delivery plan and choose Goto -> Article -> <S procurement The delivery plan contains firm delivery dates and quantities.

These dates are included in the delivery plan classifications. With exit documentation, you mean “Delivery”? I answered Sumanth`s question by assuming that he inquired about the types of documents (LP-LPA) in SA, which leads to a delivery schedule with release doc (FRC- JIT) and out release doc. I Once the delivery plan of the delivery is due, you can prepare the delivery as usual or via a delivery list. In a large organization where there is a huge amount of sales and delierious orders then we can use this transaction to create collective supplies in the background. The quantities accumulated in the processing of supplies differ from those of the standard component supplier: they are calculated on the basis of the supply market, not on delivery! LZ – Delivery plan with delivery plans (no external agents) Deliveries are not automatically prepared from delivery plans.