Which Of The Following Service That To Be Negotiated In Service Level Agreements

A service level agreement (also known as an “SLA”) is the part of a service agreement between a CSP and the customer that typically defines the nature and quality of the cloud service in measurable and quantitative terms. An SLA can also specify the customer`s corrective actions if the cloud service is deficient. An SLA can be an important part of a service contract for cloud services, but it can also be of little value if the service requirements are ambiguous or difficult to monitor and measure, or if the customer does not have meaningful, cost-effective, and achievable remedies for poor service. These objectives relate to the performance of the cloud service and related aspects of the interaction between the CSP and the customer. Cloud services are becoming increasingly important for businesses of all kinds. The European Commission recently published cloud service level agreement standardisation guidelines to support cloud service providers and cloud service customers. The guidelines identify and explain many important issues that should be considered by any organization when negotiating a contract for cloud services. These objectives concern the guarantee and transparency of the security of the cloud service. The guidelines identify and explain many important issues that need to be addressed in an SLA for cloud services and recommend appropriate “service level objectives.” The guidelines explain that the applicability and importance of a particular issue and the associated service level objectives depend on the type of cloud service (both in terms of service functionality and service model) and the pricing of the service. The guidelines do not prescribe binding requirements for an SLA.

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