Sample Defense And Indemnity Agreement

Notwithstanding provisions to the contrary, failure by the institution to comply with the above conditions shall not diminish the sponsor`s obligations to defend, compensate or reimburse the institution, the system, its regents, senior management, staff, representatives and members, in accordance with this Agreement, unless such non-compliance by the institution has contributed to the damage; For which the defense is sought compensation or reimbursement. [13.1: This paragraph adds obligations for the declaration and defence of claims and cooperation. It may be added to any compensation at the request of the sponsor or at the discretion of the component.] 1. Exemption – The Sponsor`s basic exemption, to which the Promoter has written the Protocol and includes liability for claims arising from the performance of our obligations and the use of the results of the study by the Sponsor. 5. Indemnification – A standard indemnity, with the exception that the promoter limits its liability to claims for bodily injury or death and imposes several conditions on its indemnification obligation: (1) properly carry out the study, (2) notification and (3) right to control of the defense. The allowance also gives the university the right to choose its own lawyer. 13.1 Obligations relating to the notification and defense of claims and cooperation (may be added to any compensation at the request of the Promoter or at the discretion of the Promoter). 13.2 Limited sponsor`s compensation for the use of the study drug in very dangerous procedures such as bone marrow transplants.

13.3 Sponsor`s insurance coverage (may be added to any indemnification). 13.4 Self-insurance (may be added to any indemnity).