Account Holder Transfer Agreement

Yes, yes. Use App Store Connect to transfer qualifying apps to another account in the event of a purchase, asset purchase or similar situation. When you transfer an app, it will remain available on the App Store, all reviews and reviews will be forwarded, and users will continue to have access to future updates. For more information, visit the Connect-Aide App Store. If you`re new to development on Apple platforms, you can start for free. Simply accept the Apple Developer Agreement and an account will be created for you. Use this account to download beta versions of Xcode, visit forums, report errors, or accept an invitation to join your organization`s account in the Apple Developer Program. You must then accept Apple`s terms and click “Transfer Request” to complete the transfer process at your end. Once this is done, you can click “Finished” to return to the app`s Information page. The team agent in your organization initiates the transmission of the application. If more than one user is linked to the developer account, they must find their entry into the user group.

Once they have found themselves, they must click on their Apple ID/e-mail address. Before initiating the transfer, you must retrieve the Apple ID and team ID from the Apple account holder in which you transfer the app. Note: It can take up to two business days before the app is completed, while the app status app is transmitted. You need to put in place the necessary information, for example. B: contact, bank and taxes in accordance with the agreement. The only exceptions are push notifications that work again as soon as Staffbase has the certificate for its App Store account. Continue to create new certificates to get push notifications enabled as quickly as possible. Because an app is deleted from your account after an app transfer, you need to back up all the information through the app before transferring it. Once you`ve started the transmission, the app stays in the previous state, adding the status “Pending Application Transmission” until the recipient accepts it.

When the app is transferred to a new App Store account, the certificates must match that account. Therefore, you need to create new certificates and send them to Staffbase so we can integrate them into your app. If you sign up through the Apple Developer app, your subscription will automatically be renewed as an automatically renewable subscription. Once the account holder`s transfer is complete, you must disable the automatic renewal of the subscription and the new account holder must register within 28 days of the subscription expiry.